Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I've been thinking a lot about this space of mine. About my absence from it. About posting once a week, if that. About the dreams I had for this space. 





It hasn't been anything of those things much lately. I'm consumed with work, then dinner, then bedtime, then dishes and at least one chore, then I'm done. It's netflix time. It's scrolling through facebook time. 

But I miss you blog. I'm thinking about changing you a bit. A new name. A new look. New goals and devotion. I look at my friend Lauren who has steadily grown her blog in just a year. Sheesh, through hard work, girl you are an inspiration to me! And I'll think, I can do that. 

But it takes discipline, and time. Something I've been selfish and lazy with. new season of "hell on wheels" i'm talking to you. And I want to be devoted and thoughtful with my time. I want to hone skills and writing abilities. I want to proudly share my blog with people. Instead of jokingly, "hey, I have 9 followers, it's a big deal". 

I saw the girls from A Beautiful Mess at the WEst Elm in Nashville and I thought, "Oh My Gosh, it's them! I'm finally seeing famous people in Nashville!!!"

Anyway, I have no intention of being "famous people". I have no intention of getting free stuff or advertisements. I want a space I can be proud of. So, I'm going to clean the unfolded laundry off of my desk and install that wacom tablet. download some photoshop elements with my amazon giftcard (from christmas mind you) and go to work. 

Thanks for being faithful readers, and sticking through the lull.

Friday, August 15, 2014


As a full-time and working mom, I find it really hard to take advantage of treating myself.  I think it's the mom m.o. We, for some unknown reason, somehow as a whole silently agree that it's okay to put your family first and be some sort of martyr of fashion and glamour. But there are really little things that we can do as moms to treat ourselves.

For example, I haven't had a haircut for probably a year. While this is normal for me, I grew up this way, it really isn't the best thing for my hair health nor for my self confidence. I mean, a girl can only top knot so many days a week before 1.) her head hurts and 2.) her hair starts to feel pretty boooorrrrinnngg.

So I'm getting my haircut. Huzzah! I don't know how, I've been pinning lots of ideas for, well, the last year.  So, I'll come up with something - but let's face it, I need it.  As seen below.

And not only that - I feel super hip to be getting my hair-did at the famous Parlour & Juke ! 

I'm thinking something low-maintenance - because I didn't style my hair even before baby, stylish, breezy, bouncy, fun!

I'd love to hear your ideas!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

On Pride

Gavin officially turned 14 months two days ago. And he's still not walking. Sure he can climb up the stairs himself. He'll push along his walker and cruise down the sofa. He will even humor me by walking holding my hands for a few steps. Then he lifts his feet and whines until he's placed back onto his bottom. 

And I am so frustrated by this.

We've talked about comparison.

And how I'm going to seek joy instead.

But when all the 10 month olds around you are up and walking. It's hard. I go to a place of comparison. Of doubt. Of fear. "Is my baby okay?" "Is he normal?" And while deep down I know he is, I let Satan put me into this dark place. And even place blame onto my son! "Why is he doing this to meeeee???"

And I wonder why he's so dramatic...

But really, what is there to be afraid of. 

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.

Wait...Be thankful. Right. 

He will walk, and one day soon. And while I might secretly roll my eyes at all the parents who try to tell me I'll wish he was still just crawling, I can find joy in the moment.  That he loves crawling a few steps and twisting around with a giggle to see if we're chasing him yet. That he makes yummy "mmm" sounds when he's eating something he really loves (read: hot dog). That he climbs up onto me and gives the largest wettest kiss (read: blows raspberry) on my face or neck.  These are the moments.

Monday, July 14, 2014

July the 4th

I was off work for Independence day, but Gavin didn't get the memo. We woke up around the usual 7 and fiddled around until about 9 when I had the genius idea to google "nashville fourth of july things to do". And up popped the hot chicken festival.

So if you've ever visited Nashville or if you live in Nashville then you know that hot chicken is totally a thing here. It's our (can I say our?) thing! I think it's more or less chicken smothered in hot sauce, then deep fried with a spicy breading. And we don't serve it here with ranch or blue cheese dressing. We eat it with a side of jalapeno mac'n'cheese!

Needless to say, Gavin and I went for something a little less spicy, but hot nonetheless. Because it was a fire truck parade!

Selfie attemps!

Reflection selfies are a thing!

Sharing a snow cone with mama!

Then we got sleepy and needed some real lunch, so we packed up and picked up dada! Then we found ourselves a park.

And then sometimes they just melt into you, and you along with them, and you just think, gosh, how could i love this kid anymore and then you do.

Thursday, June 26, 2014


I almost cannot believe it, but one month and 4 days ago Gavin turned 1. A whole one year old. The biggest milestone he's made so far.  Doctors would say that we're in the clear for SIDS - which was my #1 fear the first few days of his life. And he can drink whole milk! Which he does - with much gusto. In fact, anything and everything goes as far as food is concerned, but we're sticking the classics.  

A few days before the official big day, we headed to east TN for a Resolute show and invited a few close friends and family over for an afternoon party. It was nothing fancy. Just a little bbq, silly string and giant party hats. And cake - let's talk about the cake.

I splurged on the cake and went to Cootie brown's for a dreamsicle cake that was amazing. And honestly, just really nice to look at. Also - isn't the cake a little bit mostly for the parents? Right? Especially if you're not also having margaritas? Right...?

My nieces were there and we "buck bucked" at the chickens and "buzz buzzed" at the bees. We played ping pong and took turns passing around the birthday boy. 

And in the back of my mind I thought about that last year. About the trials and the joys. About how much of an adjustment it was for me.  Physically I had to take so much time to heal and then mentally too. My mind went into a dark place and it affected my work and my relationships. About how much joy and pride I took in my son. I've taught him things. He clings to me and I truly can't ever get enough of it. Slowly over this first year of his, I became more and more perfectly his mama. 

Because I love the ideas of writing down your child's favorites every year, here are his:

Gavin: Age 1

favorite song: the theme to Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Apples and Bananas

favorite toy: Balls! All the balls!

favorite person: mama ;)

favorite foods: Cheerios, bananas, squeeze pouches, and Hot Dogs!

words he knows: Buff (for Dillan), Ball, Duck, Boing, DaDa, Vroom, Boom (when he gives high fives), Bye-bye, Shoes

favorite book: Brown Bear Brown Bear, What do you See?

Bed Time: 7:30 ish til 7:30ish am (Hallelujah!)

Learning how to walk but still needs both hands held

Wearing 18mo clothes and size 3 shoes - apparently he has bitty feet. 

maybe my favorite photo ever.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

DIY First Dance Word Art

About two months ago, I got really inspired about owning a home. Apartment living for the last 5.5 years had taken it's toll on my creativity, even if I am a designer for a living. I've always felt like not only could I not get super creative about my living space, but I also couldn't because of limited finances - hello mid-twenties - and let's just say it fear. 

In an era where we display our doing, our works, our faces to everyone who will look over the internet, it's easy to get insecure. What if so-and-so doesn't "like" it? What if she thinks I'm copying her? It can go on and on.

But on a quiet night this past week - and by quiet i mean not-quiet because Gavin woke up a few times - I plopped down in the living room floor, turned on some Doctor Who and started.

The result is pretty good. It's mine. I slowly got the hang of how to move a brush to make the letters appear more calligraphy style. Yes, it is still in the floor ... all in good time my friends.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

What Gavin Eats

Hi Everyone!

I've been wanting to share this wonderfully simple recipe that Gavin LOVES! Especially for all you "baby lead weaning" mamas. This is one you'll be making so often, you'll have it memorized  - but also because there are only 4 ingredients.

Gavin's Whole Oat & Banana Pancakes

  • one banana
  • one cup water
  • one teaspoon baking powder
  • one cup ground whole oats
1. Get a good sized bowl out and stick your peeled banana in it!
2. Add water and mash!
3. Grind your old fashioned rolled oats in a coffee grinder / food processor if your fancy / or just buy oat powder :)
4. Plop it and the baking powder in with the banana mash.
5. Mix. (I just use an easy breezy spatula)
6. Fry in a hot pan ( I add a little coconut oil to the pan first)

That's it! 

Ever since Gavin started eating his own food (4-ish months ago) he started batting away the spoon and only wanting to feed himself. Gavin has a pancake every day for breakfast! I feel pretty good knowing he's starting the day with a good whole grain and a banana.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Bottle It

The other night we were sitting around the dining table, eating super. Gavin vigorously shoveling handfuls of food into his mouth wide open, but half of it ending up down in his bucket bib.  Then Dillan came along, as he always does and started sniffing around the high chair, hoping to find a lost piece of cheerio.  Gavin took notice an proceeded to drop food into the floor. This is something we've been working against for a while, but is a phase through which all babies go.
So, I told him a stern "no Gavin. do not drop your food into the floor. you eat it." And went along my business.
Baby kept eye contact as he picked up another bite of food and hung his arm over the tray and let go of a tine piece of food.  I, again said no.
On the third time, I pat him on his hand right after he dropped the food and said No.
I then got the most perfect upside down U-shaped frown I've ever seen. And the biggest puppy dog "i'm sorry mama" eyes I have ever ever seen. And if I wasn't already a pile of mush in the floor, Gavin picked up a bite and held it out to me to share solidifying my fate.  That boy has me.


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